The Academy at Your School

The Academy is committed to integrated humanities courses in the grand tradition of classical education. Through The Academy, students carefully read the primary works of the great thinkers in the Western tradition and interact with their instructor and fellow students in a discussion-based, student-driven, dynamic Socratic classroom environment.

Academy classes do not include busywork, nor test-directed curriculum. Instead, through reading, engaging, and debating over great books, students will not only far exceed the essential skills needed for admission into and success in their chosen university, they will learn to think for themselves, communicate elegantly and effectively, and integrate their lives and everyday decisions with the principles they build in the classroom. The purpose is not simply to prepare a student for college or to pass a test, though these abilities will come naturally; rather, it is to rivet the minds and hearts of our students, allowing them to flourish.

The Academy serves schools through a series of classes, curriculum, and enrichment opportunities at our HBU campus, Houston area schools, national school partners, and online.

We have developed two innovative models for offering dual-enrollment at schools both in Houston and around the country. Academy faculty work with your school individually to develop a dual-enrollment program that offers students a university level education in your school.

Model 1: Houston Metro Area School Partners

Partnering local schools will add an Academy dual-enrollment course to their course offerings for advanced students. Academy instructors teach either a two-year or four-year literature and/or history program, 3 days a week in the school. An HBU partnering professor contributes 12 hours of online content and two 6-7 hour conference days (once per semester) held at HBU.

Model 2: National School Partners

The Director and Associate Director of The Academy at HBU will assess school curriculum and relevant teachers in order to assign appropriate course credit, adding and modifying as needed to fit our accreditation and institutional standards. Alternatively, the school will implement The Academy’s two or four year humanities curriculum. Classes will be facilitated by the partnering schools’ teachers. Once course qualifications are met, each course will be matched with an HBU professor, who will provide 25 hours of online course content and two conference days at the school (once per semester).

The Academy Director and/or Associate Director will visit the school twice a year to conduct teacher inservice and assessment, in order to ensure the quality of the courses, and approve continued implementation of The Academy at HBU’s dual-enrollment program.